Sonuscore–The Orchestra

The Orchestra, header

The Orchestra is a revolutionary all-in-one 80 player orchestral library whose heart is our breakthrough Ensemble-Engine that empowers you to convert your ideas into music. Simple and incredibly fast.

Sonuscore: “We found a way to revolutionize your way of composing complex orchestrated music. Its a new simplicity, a more natural approach to cope with multifaceted orchestral colors and rhythms.”

​The idea behind The Orchestra

Orchestral libraries have become more and more complex over the last years. Developers captured every nuance of symphonic orchestras in countless different articulations. But with a tight deadline, having endless possibilities is not necessarily a good thing.

With this library, Sonuscore brings to life a simplistic approach to orchestral composition, giving you both innovative tools to create quick ensemble sketches with minimal effort or write complex orchestral arrangements in all detail.

Paint your orchestral canvas in as broad or as detailed strokes as you want.

Your ideas, your music – all in one instrument.

complete orchestra
The core – The ensemble engine

The Ensemble Engine works through a number of independent arpeggiators and velocity envelopes, heavily inspired by our Sonuscore Origins-Series. Create pulsating rhythms and even inspiring full arrangements from any combination of notes. All of this without relying on prerecorded phrases – you have the full control. It will work, no matter what chord or note you play.
With minimum loading times, a vast amount of presets provides you with full ensemble colors right out of the box.

  • Independent arpeggiators and velocity envelopes create vivid and powerful orchestral colors.
  • Load up to 5 different instruments in independent slots and play them together.
main screen
Compose faster with full instrumental groups

Choose from 150 presets in three categories:

  • Orchestral Colors
    The Orchestral Colors presets are practical combinations of instruments that can be played live on your keyboard.
  • Orchestral Rhythms
    The Orchestral Rhythms contain simple, useful playable patterns for separate sections of the orchestra that make use of our Ensemble Engine.
  • Animated Orchestra
    The animated orchestra presets go even further, and create complex orchestrated rhythms from any played note. This is where the magic happens!


Play the instruments freely:

Play your ideas and your melodies freely with the single instrument patches.
Aside from the Ensemble Instrument, The Orchestra also contains 88 single instrument patches for all standard sections and articulations in a symphonic orchestra, including percussion and as a bonus: choir.

Or unlash the full orchestral power with over 60 multi-track patches:

Multis take the Ensemble Engine even further toward instant playability and sound as they load and layer multiple instances of The Orchestra.
There are Full Orchestral Multis for single articulations, that work perfectly for quick sketching and layering.
Animated Multis combine multiple instances of the Ensemble Engine for even more complex patterns.

The samples: rough & edgy – no polished sound:

The Orchestra was recorded and processed with the intention to sound a bit rougher and more “honest” than the common orchestral Hollywood sound. It offers an alternative and promises straight and powerful sounds, punch and a vivid musical experience.

recording studio

The instruments for The Orchestra were recorded in Budapest at the renowned Studio 22 in their traditional seating position and mixed and edited with great attention to detail. This way the different sections blend together perfectly in the same room. All essential articulations are available, including playable true legato samples and multiple round robins for short articulations.

Key features:
  • Breakthrough Ensemble Engine
  • Play freely or create stunning orchestral colors with simple chords
  • Complete set of standard articulations for all instruments
  • True Legato Interval Sampling
  • 150 ready-to-go ensemble presets
  • 60 Multi-Rack Patches
  • 6.85GB lossles compressed data
  • 16500+ individual Samples
  • fast loading times
  • min. Kontakt Player 5.6.8 required

recording collage

The Orchestra: The power of a full orchestra at the tip of your fingers

The Orchestra was developed for Best Service by SonusCore / Dynamedion, the makers of Trinity Drums as well as NI Action Strings, Action Strikes and Emotive Strings.

DynamedionDynamedion was founded in 2000 by Tilman Sillescu and Pierre Langer, two composers with university degrees in music. With a steadily increasing number of contracts and growing customer base it has since become a leader in soundtrack composition and sound design on the European computer game market. In 2005 Dynamedion produced highly successful, first benchmark live orchestra recordings for a German game soundtrack, setting the standard for large-scale projects in the industry. With numerous further orchestral productions for the video game industry, Dynamedion has earned itself a reputation for unsurpassed quality and integrity in this area.


Recensione Ancient Era Persia by Best Service

Ancient ERA Persia – The Sound of Fairy Tales in Ancient Orient
A collection of sounds from forgotten places of the middle east.
Create your own melodies with 28 (!) fully playable instruments, deep sampled, with true legato and glissandi, different dynamics and lots of articulations

Once again, Eduardo Tarilonte seduces you into almost forgotten sounding worlds. This time, he moves to capture the sounds of the birthplace of magic and mystic of some of the oldest civilizations. Experience arcane sounds such as being heard in Arabian Nights, the soundtrack of desert sand trickling away in time and music that makes the Prince of Persia dance.

Following his works of Forest Kingdom, Desert Winds, Epic World and ERA Medieval Legends, Eduardo Tarilonte has dedicated this library to the sound of the ancient orient: Ancient ERA Persia.

GUI and Box

Ancient ERA Persia was created over a period of two years and comes as an extensive library with popular and less known instruments from the Middle East inspiring your fantasy by its touching sounds.

Therefore, this library is the best possible choice for movie soundtracks and television documentaries of this region. At the same time, the library is suited for traditional music productions and also provides a perfect background for games taking place in the Middle East.

For Ancient ERA Persia, Eduardo Tarilonte has recorded 28 percussion-, wind- and stringed-instruments in highest quality and finest detail. In addition, you will find authentically performed phrases as well as inspiring sound atmospheres. The instruments offer all articulations being used in the phrases. Several microtunings allow the use of every desired tuning for the instruments.

video demos

Just for the percussions, there are 1.000 loops in different tempos and rhythms beside the playable instruments.

percussion instruments

Ancient ERA Persia brings the sounds and musical atmosphere of the Middle East, as it sounded in former times, into the modern DAW-supported production environment. The carefully programmed user-interface of the Engine player allows easy and fast work with this library in a way that musicians can be inspired by the sounds and fully unfold their creativity.

Ancient ERA Persia is suited for different applications and genres. The spectrum covers scoring for antique compositions with authentic timbres, fantasy-games, movie soundtracks and new age songs.

The sounds of Ancient ERA Persia are really unique and cannot be found in any other library. The excellent choice of instruments, articulations and sound atmospheres provides the musician and producer with an extensive compendium with as good as no sound missing.

In detail, Ancient ERA Persia contains:


  • Bendhir
  • Daf 
  • Darbuka 
  • Davul
  • Dayre
  • Riq
  • Riq plastic
  • Tombak


  • Turkish Mey High
  • Turkish Mey Low (combined in a single instrument)
  • Turkish Clarinet
  • Kaval
  • Turkish Ney
  • Persian Ney
  • Zourna
  • Duduk

Strings bowed:

  • Turkish Violin
  • Lyra 1
  • Lyra 2

Strings plucked:

  • Kopuz
  • Dutar
  • Santur
  • Oud
  • Baglama Big
  • Baglama Small
  • Tambur
  • Rabab
  • Tar

The instruments of this 17 gigabytes spanning library consist of extensive multisamples (24 bit, 44.1kHz) with several dynamic layers, multiple articulations, round-robins as well as real legato- and glissando-samples.


Ancient ERA Persia was recorded at Eldana Studios in Dueñas, Spain by Jorge Calderón and Eduardo Tarilonte. All instruments have been played by virtuosos of the subject including Efrén López, Michalis Kouloumis, Stellios Petrakis, Jerome Salomon and Iván Karlón.

For the recording of the instruments, selected Kahayan U47- and Neumann U87-microphones were used with API-preamplifiers and Kahayan Epsilon summing amplifiers. In this library, the instruments were being captured intentionally close without significant room ambience, giving the user full control of the following sound-design and effect selection. This is why the sounds of Ancient ERA Persia may easily be combined with other libraries of Eduardo Tarilonte.


Session Guitar–Strummed Acoustic 2


  • Expand your acoustic collection with vintage 6- and 12-string guitars
  • Access over 160 patterns played by skilled studio musicians
  • Customize performances with chord voicings, double-tracking, and on-board effects



The second edition in the SESSION GUITARIST series, STRUMMED ACOUSTIC 2, expands your sound palette with two carefully selected vintage acoustic guitars, an extensive library of patterns and chords, plus real-time performance control.


SESSION GUITARIST – STRUMMED ACOUSTIC 2 includes two renowned instruments, played by skilled session pros. Choose a coveted vintage Martin 0-17 from 1934 – a small-bodied mahogany 6-string with a warm, mellow tone. Or select the full yet articulate sound of the Guild F-412 12-string – a jumbo model first produced in the late 1960s, and now a benchmark for 12-strings.


A range of real-time performance controls puts the musicality of skilled session musicians at your fingertips. Play chords from your keyboard or choose the auto-chord feature. Use key switches, the mod wheel, and the pitch wheel to quickly change rhythms, crossfade chord voicings, and add accents as you build your arrangement. Season the mix with built-in effects.


Draw from a wealth of dynamic strumming patterns with accent variations perfect for rock, folk, country, bluegrass, Latin, pop, and more. Each pattern can be played intuitively using a virtually endless number of chords in multiple positions up and down the neck. Choose from numerous song presets, customize pattern collections, and smoothly switch among those patterns as you play.



Play custom bass lines or add extra notes to chords with the new Separate Bass patterns, and spice up your playing for country, bluegrass, folk, and more.


Quickly find the strumming pattern you need by tapping or playing a rhythm on your keyboard. Filter the search results by musical attributes such as open or muted patterns.


Quickly customize your sound using versatile sound control features. Easily adjust the balance of high and low chord voicings. Add a doubled guitar part for extra width, and incorporate fret noise to enhance realism. Sculpt the sound and fine-tune each guitar’s placement in the mix with ready-to-use compression and EQ presets. Create space and depth with convolution reverb.


STRUMMED ACOUSTIC 2 was created in collaboration with drumasonic – the same award-winning sample instrument team behind the original STRUMMED ACOUSTIC. Using an array of vintage ribbon and condenser microphones plus boutique preamps, drumasonic captured every nuance of these classic acoustic instruments in perfect detail. A custom-built mounting rig and a laser-based microphone positioning system helped ensure precision and consistency for every chord and pattern.


Instrument type:
KOMPLETE Instrument

For use with:

Sound category:
Six String Acoustic Guitar and Twelve String Acoustic Guitar

Number of sounds:
163 dynamic patterns organised in 34 songs

Download size (Mac/PC):
9.6 GB (about 16 GB uncompressed sample pool)

System requirements:
FREE KONTAKT 5 PLAYER or KONTAKT 5 (version 5.5.2 or higher)
Please also see the KONTAKT 5 PLAYER system requirements and the KONTAKT 5 PLAYER FAQ

ESI UNIK 05 Recensione Monitor da Studio di Registrazione

I monitor nearfield ESI Unik 05 garantiscono una qualità ed una resa sonora senza precedenti per degli studio monitor di questa fascia di prezzo. Il sistema è stato progettato in Germania sulla base di test e misurazioni approfondite.
Il monitor da studio attivo Unik 05 integra un woofer a 5″ in Kevlar ed un potente tweeter custom a nastro con una membrana straordinariamente leggera. Questo consente di avere un’immagine sonora molto chiara, forte e precisa soprattutto sulle alte frequenze. Con meno massa in movimento rispetto ai tweeter convenzionali, si raggiunge un nuovo livello di risposta all’impulso con una distorsione minimizzata. Il design ottimizzato del cabinet di Unik 05 fornisce un suono caratteristico unico nel suo genere, che rende questo monitor ideale per il project studio.
Caratteristiche principali Studio Monitor Attivo 2-Vie Driver HF: Tweeter a nastro 49 x 26mm Driver LF: Cono curvo 5″ in Kevlar (schermato) Potenza: 60W (HF: 30W, LF: 30W), 85W Assorbimento AC Risposta in Frequenza: 49Hz – 22kHz Impedenza in Ingresso: 42kOhm (bil.) / 8.5kOhm (sbil.) Frequenza di Crossover: 2,5 kHz SPL: 89dB ± 3 dB @ 1W / 1M a 300. 400. 500. 600 Hz Sensibilità di Ingresso: 60mV @ 1W; 300mV @ 25W (500 Hz) Ingressi: XLR / TS 1/4″ combo, bilanciato / sbilanciato Controllo del Volume: min – 0dB – max sul pannello posteriore LED Blu (potenza) Dimensioni: 190 x 265 x 210mm Peso: 4,28 kg (per singola cassa)

Recensione IRig Mic Studio


Microfono digitale ultra-portatile a diaframma largo per iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC e Android.

iRig Mic Studio

Registrazioni di qualità professionale on the go

iRig Mic Studio è un microfono digitale ultra-portatile a diaframma largo (con capsula da 1”) per iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC e Android ed è lo strumento perfetto per registrare con qualità professionale ovunque ti trovi. Ideale per musicisti, cantanti, home producer, podcaster, broadcaster, doppiatori e speaker che mirano ad ottenere risultati di alto livello con estrema praticità.

  • Microfono da studio professionale con capsula a diaframma largo
  • Ultra-compatto, facile da trasportare.
  • Convertitore integrato a 24 bit – 44.1 / 48 kHz
  • Preamp low-noise di alta quaità
  • Uscita cuffie integrata
  • LED di stato multicolore
  • Controllo del gain e del volume delle cuffie
  • Suite di applicazioni IK inclusa
  • Treppiede da tavolo incluso
  • Cavi Lightning, Micro-USB OTG e USB inclusi
  • Cavo a 30-pin venduto separatamente
  • Disponibile nelle versioni nera e silver
Dimensioni ridotte, suono imponentee

Quello che sorprende di iRig Mic Studio è l’elevatissima qualità audio di registrazione che si può ottenere da un microfono di dimensioni inferiori ad un iPhone. Monta una capsula da 1” a condensatore ad elettrete, dispone di un convertitore integrato a 24-bit, un preamp a basso rumore di fondo e supporta sample rate di 44.1 e 48 kHz. Queste caratteristiche, unitamente alla sua abilità di sostenere pressioni sonore fino a 133dB SPL, lo rendono lo strumento ideale per la registrazione di fonti sonore estremamente dinamiche, dalle voci agli amplificatori per chitarra più potenti.

iRig Mic Studio

iRig Mic Studio tabletop tripod stand

Controllo totale

iRig Mic Studio dispone di un controllo del gain, un indicatore LED di stato e un’uscita cuffie integrata con controllo del volume indipendente per permetterti di monitorare il segnale direttamente tramite iRig Mic Studio. Inclusa nella confezione, trovi anche un pratico treppiede da scrivania.

Con iRig Mic Studio, hai tutto quello che ti serve per registrare con il massimo della qualità, che tu sia in studio o in viaggio.

iRig Mic Studio tabletop tripod stand

Questione di connessioni

iRig Mic Studio è compatibile con tutte le piattaforme mobile e desktop. Dispone di un ingresso micro-USB e viene fornito con una selezione completa di cavi: Micro-USB / Lightning per iPhone, iPad e iPod touch; micro-USB / OTG per Android (necessita di Android 5.0 o un device compatibile con Samsung Professional Audio); micro-USB/USB per Mac e PC. Per i dispositivi più vecchi, è disponibile un cavo adattatore micro-USB/30-pin venduto separatamente.

iRig Mic Studio connections

Registra con la potenza delle migliori app

iRig Mic Studio include una potente suite di applicazioni che ti permette di registrare sul tuo dispositivo in pochi istanti: VocaLive per iOS è una potente applicazione di registrazione vocale multi-traccia che include una selezione di 12 effetti professionali in tempo reale; EZ Voice, per iOS e Android, ti permette di cantare e fare esercizio sulle basi e le canzoni della tua libreria musicale; iRig Recorder (iOS e Android), è un’app tanto semplice quanto efficace quando si vuole registrare ed editare materiale audio per video, podcast etc. mentre si è in viaggio, mentre Mic Room emula il carattere unico dei migliori modelli di microfoni sul mercato direttamente su iPhone e iPad.

iRig Mic Studio connections

iRig Mic Studio is also fully compatible with a wide variety of third party apps and software, like Cubasis, ProStudio Vocal FX, MultiTrack DAW and more. It’s also compatible with Apple’s GarageBand and Logic Pro X apps, and iOS Voice Memo.

Recensione–VST RINASCIMENTO–Strumenti Medioevali e Rinascimentali

Rinascimento features 3 bowed string instruments, 2 brass instruments, 8 reed instruments, 5 recorders of different sizes, 2 other kind of flutes, 7 kind of lute instruments (with a auto-strumming engine), 5 percussion, harpsichord, virginal, a positive organ and a complete organ with 10 registers.
All the non-polyphonic instruments feature full sustained legato transitions and staccato and there is a special and unique scripting engine for some complex instruments like the hurdy gurdy, the percussion, the organ or the lutes. 


  • 36  Renaissance and Medieval instruments
  • 29 gb installed (compressed in NCW format)
  • 3 Mic Positions
  • Sampled in a warm hall
  • 24 bit / 48 kHz stereo
  • 20 legato instruments
  • Auto-Strummer for Lute instruments
  • 4 RRs for Staccato and Plucked Instruments
  • Custom scripting for the Hurdy Gurdy, Zampogna, Organ and Percussion
  • Sleepless nights of editing and scripting