Native Instruments promozione 50% Soundiron

Special discounts on an exclusive bundle and fifteen individual
products, until November 1

Native Instruments has partnered with
Soundiron to offer exclusive discounts on selected instruments from
Soundiron’s wide range of cinematic sound tools. The offer runs until
November 1, 2017, with 50% off discounts on 15 KONTAKT instruments,
including choirs, cinematic percussion, and unique, deep-sampled
acoustic instruments. The offer also includes an exclusive bundle of all
featured products, at an impressive discount of 85% compared to the
total price of the individual products. All of the instruments are
NKS-ready for perfect integration with KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboards and
All instruments run in the free KONTAKT PLAYER software. Instruments on
offer include Olympus Choir Elements, Mercury Boys Choir Elements,
Voices of Gaia, Elysium Harp, Antidrum Machine, and Glitch Hero.
“Soundiron is thrilled to collaborate with Native Instruments,” says
Mike Peaslee, Founder and Director Of Operations at Soundiron. “We’ve
spent the past year working to bring full NKS and KONTAKT PLAYER support
to a wide selection of our instruments and we’re excited to finally
unveil them. Native Instruments is an industry leader and has been an
excellent partner to Soundiron. We’ve released well over 100
professional libraries for the KONTAKT format over the years, and now
we’re bringing an ever-growing array directly to KONTAKT PLAYER,
MASCHINE, and KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboard users everywhere.”
Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) is an extended plug-in format that enables
a unified creative experience across hundreds of virtual instruments
from Native Instruments and other leading developers. Manufacturers
using the NKS standard carefully design the mappings, tags, and
performance of their instruments for KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE
hardware to react with the feel of a custom instrument.
The following individual products are now available as part of the offer:
– Ambius Prime
– Antidrum Machine
– Apocalypse Percussion Elements
– Apocalypse Percussion Micro
– Elysium Harp
– Emotional Piano
– Glitch Hero
– Mercury Boys Choir Elements
– Mercury Boys Choir Micro
– Motor Rhythms
– Olympus Choir Elements
– Olympus Choir Micro
– Requiem Light Symphonic Choir
– Voices of Gaia
– Voices of Rage
This special offer is available from October 23 until November 1, 2017,
exclusively at the NI online shop. Individual pricing can be found on
the following page:

Recensione–Soundiron Granada 49


GRANADA 49 faithfully captures a rare 1970’s-era portable analog synthesizer by the now defunct Italian synth-maker Fesma. The instrument’s classic wood-accented body echoes the popular aesthetics of the 1970s and its fat, warm analog sound cuts through the mix. We’ve sampled its 9 stock waveform presets and included tons of custom FX patches and sound-designed ambient synth pads created from the source to make this compact library extraordinarily playable and versatile. Whether you’re looking to recreate an old 8-bit videogame sound, fat synth bass tones or razer-sharp lead lines, the Granada 49 library can do it!

The power of Granada is really unlocked by our easy-to-use yet powerful 3D-modeled user interface. Basic sound shaping options are included: volume swell, note attack time, release time and sample start offset let users mold the sound anyway they want. Other main controls include vibrato and a special “Octave” knob, which really beefs up your tone by smoothly rolling in lower and higher octave layers.

The “Glide” option adds an adjustable-speed portamento pitch bend between notes. The advanced tempo-syncable LFO system features configurable LFO shape, modulation target, speed, intensity, and fade-in time. A versatile filter system allows you to select between 13 filter types, modulation options, and control the frequency and resonance. As always, we included our customizable arpeggiator, which lets users control pattern direction, rhythm, swing, randomization and duration. The advanced GUI is rounded out by our modular FX rack, which lets users put any of 18 different effects (reverb, distortion, etc.) in up to 10 slots, in any chain order they desire. This also includes 119 of Soundiron’s high quality impulse responses which can be loaded into the “Reverb” effect.

The library is programmed for the full version of Kontakt 5.5.2 and later (OSX 10.9 or later / Windows 7 or later required). It comes equipped with a custom user interface and dynamic sound shaping and mixing controls: volume, attack, release, offset, vibrato, octave, bank preset loading (with optional key-switching), adaptive arpeggiation, advanced LFO and filter systems and our full FX rack with convolution reverb with your choice of well over 100 different rooms, halls, spaces and special FX impulses.

Recensione Elysium harp–soundiron

Elysium Harp is a 47-string grand concert pedal harp virtual instrument library, fully compatible with the free Kontakt Player and Komplete Kontrol S-Series Keyboards by Native Instruments. We recorded this massive Lyon & Healy bronze concert harp in exquisite detail, with extended articulation choices, advanced controls, easy play-assist features and warm presence across the entire key range.

We’ve covered classic Finger Plucks with long sustains, deep round-robin and dynamic layering for each string. We also recorded Hard Fingernail plucks, Harmonics, Xylophonics, Bass Pedal Buzzes, plus a wide collection of natural Live Glisses in 19 scales and styles by harpist Jennifer Ellis. You’ll find lots of custom ambiences, pads and unique FX presets created with the harp source to open up limitless sound design possibilities. You also have access to 3 stereo mic positions (sound board, rear ports & room) to freely mix and route, plus an advanced real-time gliss and arpeggiator sequencers, instant pedal presets for easy glissing and arpeggios, precise tone and presence shaping and a full FX rack for total creative freedom. Elysium Harp contains 12,147 samples and over 30GB of wav content. The library is compressed to 14.7 GB with NI’s lossless .ncw audio format for greater resource efficiency. It works in Kontakt or Kontakt Player version 5.5.2 and later.

Soundiron Theremin+ Recensione



The Soundiron THEREMIN+ is an advanced library based on the classic sound and feel of the legendary Theremin, but with a huge twist and a wealth of additional sound-designed pads, leads, ambiences and atmospheres. Our Theremin+ behaves as close to a Theremin as you can get on a keyboard, smoothly gliding between monophonic notes with variable speed. The Glide knob allows you to adjust the speed of the glide between notes and when set to 0, turns this otherwise monophonic instrument into a full polyphonic sound creator! The Theremin+ includes a number of real Theremin samples, generated tones, and a plethora of carefully crafted sounds, designed from a wide array of sources.


The Theremin+ is packed with features not typically found on a Theremin. The waveform selector lets you choose from Sine, Absolute Sine, Triangle, Saw-tooth, or Square. The Add. knob sets the number of simultaneous micro-tuned voices from 1-4. The Sub-layer adds a whole new dimension, giving you the power to mix in any one of the dozens of included pads, leads, drones, and ambiences complete with separate volume and pitch controls.

Our custom scripted Kontakt user interface comes equipped with flexible control features, like volume swell, glide, pitch, vibrato, attack, release, and an additional Sub-layer selection menu with separate volume and pitch controls, giving you tons of sonic possibilities. There’s also a complete DSP effects rack, including reverb with over a hundred life-like spaces, such as cathedrals, churches, halls, bunkers, garages, tunnels, chambers, rooms and creative FX convolution impulse responses.

The library is programmed for the full version of Kontakt 5.5.2 and later (OSX 10.9 or later / Windows 7 or later required). It comes equipped with a custom user interface and dynamic sound shaping and mixing controls: attack, edge, release, filter resonance and cut, bank preset loading (with optional key-switching), adaptive arpeggiation and built-in convolution reverb with your choice of well over 100 different rooms, halls, spaces and special FX impulses. All of the samples are also included as categorized and clearly named stereo wave files that can be imported and used in any wav-format compatible audio environment, sampler, editor, sequencer or other audio software you like.