Music Lab Black Friday 2018


Time to shop MusicLab’s Black Friday deal!

Through Monday, November 26th 2018, you can purchase our great feature-packed Real instrument series with up to 60% discount!

RealGuitar 5 + RealStrat 4 + RealLPC 4 + RealRick 4 + RealEight 4
$449.00 USD
$299.00 USD

Four guitars of your choice
from $349.00 USD
from $239.00 USD

Three guitars of your choice
from $299.00 USD
from $199.00 USD

Two guitars of your choice
from $219.00 USD
from $139.00 USD

RealGuitar 5
$199.00 USD
$119.00 USD

RealStrat 4 or RealLPC 4 or RealRick 4 or RealEight 4
$199.00 USD
$79.00 USD

Our Youtube channel offers latest video demos. Please take a look: Real instruments Tutorial series

RealStrat 5 full of new great features is coming soon! Watch video demo. We invite you to enter RealStrat 5 beta program. If you are interested please contact us.

Already own our Real instruments? Please login to your MusicLab account and check Special Offers.

We keep working to make your music production life even more fun than it is today!

Sincerely, MusicLab team.
Project of Vectro Group Inc.
Suite 1, Second Floor, Sound & Vision House,
Francis Rachel Str, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.


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