The 360pan suite of ambisonics plug-ins is updated to version 2.

This free upgrade adds:

– 2nd order ambisonics, for instance for Facebook
– 360reverb, ambisonics convolution reverb
– distance automation
– headtracking via an optional $40 USD bluetooth headtracking device
– 360radar superimposes onto the video window where your ambisonics audio sounds
– VST3 for Reaper and Nuendo

The 360pan suite is a plug-in suite for the Mac designed to deliver ambisonics mixes for immersive audio: audio from all directions, intended for headphone reproduction, that stays where it is even when you turn your head.
You can do all your panning, distancing and even mixing from within the video window of  your DAW (Reaper or Pro Tools HD). There is no need to have any plug-in interfaces open while working.
The 360pan suite version 2 still costs 249 EUR / 299 USD, and this upgrade is free for version 1 users.
360pan suite can be activated to a machine (computer) or to an iLok key (2nd generation and up).
Available now at:
Product demo video:

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