Recensione Ethereal–Cinematic Voices

Audio demos (also: watch the many VIDEO demos):

Ethera Drama Demo
Ethera EDM Demo
Ethera Epic Legato Demo
Ethera Oh Legato Demo
Ethera Pads Demo
Ethera Phrases 1 Demo
Ethera Phrases 2 Demo
Ethera Phrases Soul Demo


• Over 2.5Gb of 24bit 48 KHz compressed Kontakt .ncw format Samples

• GUI With Easy Controls & Fully Automated Midi Controllers

• ‘Oh’ & ‘Ah’ True Legato and Staccato Patches

• Fully Equipped Fx Rack

• Great Virtual Legato Patches

• Attack And Release Sample Time & Volume Control

• Natural Vibrato (Using Mod Wheel) & Vibrato Rate Control

• Double-Track Performance

• Phrases & Songs with 2 Sync Modes & Legato Mode

• Ahh, Ohh, Mmm, Vocal Sound Sustain Patches

• Pad Mode

• Two Sample Off-Set Start Controls On All Phrases

• Legato Speed Control

• 4 Cycling Sustain Round Robins on all samples

• Waveform Display on phrases & Legato patches

• The Unique Voice of Highly Acclaimed Vocalist “ Clara Sorace”

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