Native instruments annuncia komplete 11

Komplete 11 nella versione standard contiene 45 prodotti, oltre 13 mila suoni per un totale di oltre 155 GB di materiale. Ma se siete professionisti o volete proprio perdervi nell’infinito mondo dei suoni NI, allora potete scegliere o fare l’upgrade alla versione Komplete 11 Ultimate, una raccolta monstre di 87 prodotti, oltre 18 mila suoni che passa i 500 GB di materiale, ovvero tutto il catalogo NI attualmente in commercio.


Se si arriva da una versione precedente di Komplete si può prendere l’occasione per fare un upgrade, che a seconda della versione di partenza partono da 199€ a salire.
Le vere novità però rispetto alla versione precedente sono otto: il nuovo sample-morphing synthForm, la piattaforma di sintesi rinnovata con il suo design modulare Reaktor 6, le chitarre campionate di Session Guitarist: Strummed Acoustic, l’evocativo ed unico piano Una Corda, la versione rinnovata di Kontakt 5.6, i suoni esotici di Discovery Series: India, il delay professionaleReplika e le texture metalliche e cangianti di Kinetik Metal.

La versione Komplete 11, partendo da zero, ha un prezzo di 599€, mentre Komplete 11 Ultimate costa 1199€. Ovviamente la convenienza di questi pacchetti sta nel poter avere una vastissima gamma di suoni ad un prezzo decisamente inferiore della somma dei costi dei singoli prodotti.

Native Instruments announces KOMPLETE 11, KOMPLETE 11 ULTIMATE, and  KOMPLETE 11 SELECT
Berlin, August 1, 2016 – Native Instruments today announced the 11th generation of its industry-leading KOMPLETE collections. These latest releases add new products to KOMPLETE and KOMPLETE ULTIMATE, and introduce a new member of the portfolio: KOMPLETE 11 SELECT. KOMPLETE 11
incorporates seven new instruments, including the highly innovative and brand-new synthesizer FORM, UNA CORDA, and REAKTOR 6 with the acclaimed REAKTOR Blocks. KOMPLETE 11 ULTIMATE adds 13 new products, such as the all-new orchestral instruments SYMPHONY ESSENTIALS and FLESH, as well as all the new additions in KOMPLETE 11. All suites are available as
downloads or on hard disk or flash drive.
KOMPLETE 11 and KOMPLETE 11 ULTIMATE deliver new instruments that significantly expand the sonic palette for producers, composers, performers and sound designers. Both suites now include FORM – a brand-new synthesizer. Using a sample as the primary oscillator, FORM offers a powerful new paradigm for sound design, to spark a broad array of fresh ideas. KOMPLETE 11 ULTIMATE also includes SYMPHONY ESSENTIALS –
five detailed orchestral instruments that place the worlds of brass,
woodwinds, and strings directly at users’ fingertips. Based on the
SYMPHONY SERIES instruments, SYMPHONY ESSENTIALS deliver the same professional recordings and signature interface with a streamlined set of articulations.  KOMPLETE 11 SELECT is a new version of the suite that offers a gateway to the professional music production world of KOMPLETE. It delivers eleven full instruments covering the entire instrument range, with synths, pianos, drums, percussion, and effects. Among the instruments included are MASSIVE and MONARK – two of Native Instruments’ most widely
used and revered synths. Two essential effects – The REPLIKA delay and
SOLID BUS COMPRESSOR – round off the collection, enhancing options for experimentation and adding polish to new creations. In all, KOMPLETE 11 SELECT includes over 2,500 sounds with more than 25 GB of instruments and effects.
The KOMPLETE 11 suites are designed to keep users focused on sound creation and music making. The newly launched Native Access drastically simplifies downloading, installing, activating, and updating Native Instruments software. The included KOMPLETE KONTROL software offers unified browsing, innovative Smart Play features, and lets users take direct physical control of KOMPLETE instruments from a KOMPLETE KONTROL
S-Series keyboard or MASCHINE. All KOMPLETE 11 suites are available as downloads or as boxed versions. For an improved installation experience, both KOMPLETE 11 and KOMPLETE 11 ULTIMATE are now delivered on a hard drive, and KOMPLETE 11 SELECT is provided on a USB flash drive – boxed versions only.
The 11th generation of KOMPLETE offers an even more comprehensive collection of instruments and effects. KOMPLETE 11 now includes 45 products and more than 13,000 sounds, with seven new instruments: FORM, REAKTOR 6, UNA CORDA, DISCOVERY SERIES: INDIA, REPLIKA, SESSION GUITARIST – STRUMMED ACOUSTIC, and KINETIC METAL. KOMPLETE 11 ULTIMATE –
the flagship bundle for professional producers, composers, and sound designers – now has 87 products and over 18,000 sounds. It adds 13 new instruments to the previous generation, including the five SYMPHONY ESSENTIALS instruments, FLESH, EMOTIVE STRINGS, plus all the new products in KOMPLETE 11.
KOMPLETE 11, KOMPLETE 11 ULTIMATE, and KOMPLETE 11 SELECT will be released online and in retailers September 1, 2016. All KOMPLETE 11 versions are available now for pre-order from the NI Online Shop.
For owners of a previous version of KOMPLETE, KOMPLETE ULTIMATE, or KOMPLETE SELECT, upgrade and update offers are available.Additional information on KOMPLETE 11 is available at:

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