Novità da Realitone !!!

First, Native Instruments is having a half price sale on Kontakt updates and crossgrades.   This means that if you own the Kontakt Player version of Realivox Ladies or Realivox Blue, then you can get the full version of Kontakt for just $124.50.     That’s darn cheap!

Go to this link for details.   There are also great deals on Komplete and a few other things, too.    I don’t make any money off of this, by the way.   It’s just something I think you might want to know about.

In news a little closer to home, we’ve put together a couple videos explaining some occasionally misunderstood features in our Realivox series.    First is a video explaining our Polyphonic Legato.   Check it out:

And then we have a video explaing how to get smooth phrase performance from the Realivox Blue word-builder.   We also explain the “Repeat Key,” which seems to be often overlooked.   Even if you think you’ve got a good handle on playing phrases, check out the video:

Now, since this is a “newsletter,” then I suppose I should also include some “news” about what we’re working on.   I’m pretty excited about all four of these:

*  A drum library.    Samples are all recorded, mixed, edited and mapped.   I dare say they sound fantastic.   What differentiates this drum library from others is that it focuses on getting great sounds quickly, as well as offering an enormous selection.   In my usual selfish way, this is a drum library for how I personally like to work.   Get a great sound, then move on.   (I don’t want to mess with how much hi hat bleed should be in my toms.   No offense to people who do.)   This goes to Native Instruments in July for encoding (it’s a KPlayer library) and we hope to release at the end of that month.

According to our contract, I’m calling it RealiDrums, but that might be too boring.   I’m also considering SLOD.   (S***load of Drums.)   I dunno.   Names are hard.   If you have suggestions, let me know.

*  A fingerpicking guitar library.   This is finished except for artwork and inputting the patterns.   (Yes, like RealiBanjo, there’s a Pattern Player, so you don’t need to be an expert on what a real guitar player would do.)   I think you’re going to love how this one sounds.   I don’t know when we’re going to release, though.   I’m being kinda fussy about the patterns, so it’s hard to say when it will be “right.”    Plus I can’t think of a name.   Maybe early July?   (Early July for the release, not the name.)

*  A mandolin library.   I started this a couple years ago, right after RealiBanjo, but I wasn’t happy with our first recordings.   (It turns out that you really do want a top quality instrument and player for this stuff. Go figure!)   We started over recently, though, and the new stuff is sounding great.   We’re hoping to release this late summer.

*  A major update for Realivox Blue.   This will include a speed control, so that you can play faster lines and still get all the consonants to sound.   And then we’re doing some even bigger stuff with Blue that I can’t say publicly.   Let’s just say this update is huge.

So why is there a dancing hillbilly graphic all of a sudden?   Well, you know how I love Realibanjo.   And it’s on sale this month!    Only $49!

You know what else is on sale?   Everything, that’s what.   We still have our intro pricing in effect for Realivox Ladies.   As much as $100 off!

Don’t forget, there’s a new Lite version of the Ladies now, in case all you need are background harmonies.   (That was actually my original intention, back when the library was just a personal project.)

And I still haven’t gotten around to putting the price back to list for Realivox Blue.   (Seriously, when you’re a one man operation, it’s hard to get around to things like that.  Making libraries is fun.   Updating websites?   Not so much.)

And of course, with both RealiWhistle and Acoustic Lite at only $29, how can you resist?

So don’t just sit there like a big lump!   Get yourself on over to and be one of the Cool Kids!

Thanks for reading.

Mike Greene

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