Recensione Orchestral essentials 2




  • Brand-new selection taken from the acclaimed ProjectSAM catalog
  • Beautifully orchestrated full orchestra articulations
  • New strings, brass and wind ensemble articulations
  • 5 New legato instruments featuring real note-to-note transitions
  • Full choir articulations
  • New epic drum sounds and other percussion
  • Intimate concert piano
  • New Dystopia sound design
  • Inspiring and thematic Multis
  • Does not include Orchestral Essentials 1 content: all-new sounds
  • Orchestral Essentials 1 license is not required: works stand-alone
  • Available as Direct Download and on boxed USB stick


Mixed Orchestra

Orchestra with Choir

High Violins with Choir

Low Bassoon with Piano and Harp

Cartoon Staccato

Strings with Winds Staccato

Strings with Brass Swells

Legato Cellos with Bassoon

Texture Gracious

Texture Dreamy


String Ensemble Sordino

Violins Spiccato and Fast Note Down

Violins Flageolet

Violas with Cellos Ponticello Tremolo

String Ensemble Fast Crescendo

String Ensemble Textures

String Ensemble Effects


Epic French Horns

Horns with Trombones Octaves

Tuba Long

Tuba Staccato

Legato Trumpet

Brass Ensemble Effects


Legato Flute

Legato Oboe

Legato B Clar with C Bassoon

Flute with Piccolo Octaves


Woodwind Ensemble Effects


Big Drums & Cymbals

Timpani Rolls


Bowed Cymbals

Bell tree

Keyboards & Harp

Intimate Piano

Box Organ

Cimbalom Let Ring

Cimbalom Short

Prepared Piano

Concert Harp Flageolet


Full Choir Long Ooh

Full Choir Swells Mmm

Full Choir Textures

Dystopia Sound Design

Various Sounds and Presets


Orchestra Tuning & Concert Hall Silence

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