Black Friday Sale 8dio

8Dio Newsletter 11/29

Sconti da 8dio

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Black Week Sale – Up to 40% Off Everything

It is the blackest Friday of the year and your chance to cherry pick from our catalogue at up to 40% off. In addition we are also excited to announce our crowd-collaboration library, Free Angels and give you a sneak-peak into the world of Zeus. Zeus is our forthcoming deep-sampled drum kit, which contains over 25GB of content and utilizes our new custom flow note technology, which brings a whole new reality to virtual drumming ♥ 8Dio.

Ps. We will be announcing (free) Adagio updates in the coming weeks.

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Free Angels

Coming Soon

Free Angels was created in collaboration with over 100 members of our community who each sent 5 angelic samples as a part of the submission. The library will be released next week and will go out for free to all the members who submitted first. We owe you all our deep gratitude for creating this highly unique body of sounds. This library is special, wild and free. Thank you!

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EDM Trap

$ 99

Trap is one of the fastest growing styles on the EDM/hip-hop oriented market. We created the ultimate Trap Tool for your production pleasure.


Next-Generation Drum Kit

The Zeus Drum Kit contains over 25GB of pristine drum samples, including a wealth of microphone positions and hyper extensive sample sets of cymbals and hi-hats. In addition Zeus have superior controls powered by the flexibility of the Kontakt engine, highly customizable mixer and mapping technologies. But most importantly Zeus sounds completely realistic – like completely real!

One of the problems with the current generation of drum sampling is that elements like hi-hats and cymbals artificially stack upon each other. In reality a cymbal doesn’t stack. It partially gets muted when its hit again, but it also carries specific sounds from the previous hit. We call this concept Flow Note – just wait till you hear the difference with Zeus.

Zeus will be released in December.

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