Complete Orchestral Collection

Best Service announces the release of the following product:


Complete Orchestral Collection
by Peter Siedlaczek

Complete Orchestral Collection is a brand new compilation of all Peter Siedlaczek libraries ever released by Best Service. This new product combines Peter Siedlaczek´s String Essentials 2nd Edition as well as the well known Complete Classical Collection 2nd Edition in one Kontakt Player 5 instrument with 26 GB of umcompressed sample content and more than 2800 Kontakt instruments.

As a special bonus we added String Tools – a collection of newer released chords, excerpts and moods from an almost forgotten secret project.

Enjoyable and easy to use thanks to the advanced capabilities of Kontakt Player, Complete Orchestral Collection is the most affordable and comprehensive collection of the finest classical sounds, classical choir, strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, harp, mallets, piano, prepared piano, ready to use orchestral excerpts, performances and effects.

An extremely versatile inspiring tool for every composer, arranger and producer at an extremely favorable price.


A complex, yet easy-to-use musical instrument which you will play with enthusiasm and enjoyment!

consisting of:

· Advanced Orchestra

· Classical Choir

· Orchestral Colours

· Smart Violins

· Total Piano und mehr

· Bonus Trax

· X Elements



For registered users of Complete Classical Collection or String Essentials a low priced UPGRADE is available, registered users of both libraries may get an Upgrade for free!

Complete Orchestral Collection                                     MSRP    € 179.-                         £ 145.-                     $ 199.-

Complete Orchestral Collection    Upgrade                MSRP     €  99.-                           £  79.-                    $ 109.-

Manufactured by Best Service, Manzingerweg  9, 81241 München,                                      tel +49 (0)89  45 22 89 20

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