Recensione Francesca 8dio

Recensione del Vst dedicato alle voci prodotto dalla

  • Logical categories for all phrase types, including:
    • Chanting 1 & 2 (Dark, one note Gregorian types of chanting)
    • Playful Chanting 1 & 2 (Lighter type of chanting with more variation)
    • Slow Playful Chanting (Slower, yet lighther type of chanting)
    • Flute Singing 1 (Airy whistle and singing combined. Human flute)
    • Lonely Lullaby 1 (Dark, beautiful and eerie)
    • Powerful 1 & 2(Epic/Ethnic, otherworldly type of vocals)
    • Singing Beats (Non-tune based whistle beats)
    • Slow, Dark and evocative 1 & 2 (Dark, Slow, Haunting type of vocals)
    • Whispers and FX
  • Intelligent editing and programming (off-set, pitch key-switching and time-stretch control)
  • DFD and Timemachine 2 versions of each Kontakt instrument:
  • 55 nki files, 29 exs files, 27 sfz files, 825 samples, 840 MB installed, 531 MB .rar download
  • Formats: Kontakt (.nki), SFZ (.sfz), EXS24 (.exs)
  • Sample resolution: 44.1Khz/16Bit mono- and stereo .wav format
  • Logic or other EXS24 compatible software required for .exs files.
  • SFZ-compatible player required for all .sfz files.
  • Note: Time-stretching and sample-offset not available for EXS / SFZ. Some SFZ and EXS players may not support all included library features.
  • Note: Read more about Francesca Genco here or buy/listen to her music here

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