Omni TR per IPAD


Si tratta di un controller remoto Touch screen dedicato all’Ipad. Fantastico per gestire, soprattuto dal vivo, decine di parametri di Omnisphere, e la cosa migliore è che si può scaricare gratuitamente dall’App Store!



The ‘Touch Remote’ Concept

Omni TR introduces our unique ‘Touch Remote’ concept, which combines the tactile advantages of the iPad with our powerful computer-based virtual instruments. The end result is an inspiring "hands-on" interactive performance experience that opens up many new possibilities to users of Spectrasonics instruments. With Omni TR, you can create Omnisphere setups and sound modifications on the fly, activate sounds, tweak filters, remix, bend and spin amazing performance variations!

Live Performance Interface

With its high contrast interface, ‘Omni TR’ is perfect onstage for live performance or even in the studio where the iPad sits at the controller keyboard located away from the studio computer. Best of all, the Omni TR app is extremely easy to use, offering full two-way communication with Omnisphere with just a simple wireless connection to the computer running the plug-in.

Main Page

MainThe Main page mirrors Omnisphere’s unique Live Mode offering 8 patch slots with latching and trigger modes, individual mute and solo, and mixer faders. In this page alone, Omnisphere becomes a new performance instrument with the iPad sitting at the user’s controller keyboard. Patch names can be simply touched to be enabled, one or more at a time for layers and stacks. Users can also browse and select Multis and Patches directly from the iPad to instantly change sounds for a new song or live set.

The Orb Page

OrbOmni TR was designed to make the iPad the ideal control surface for Omnisphere’s innovative new ‘Orb’ feature. The ‘Orb’ is both a remarkable sound manipulation tool and an intuitive performance interface — it can be thought of as a ‘circular controller.’ Now with a single gesture, the user can instantly customize the sound in Omnisphere. Best of all, the Orb automatically works with every patch a user has, there’s no setup necessary.

As the Orb moves and orbits around the concentric circles, it morphs between automatically generated parameter scenes in Omnisphere’s STEAM engine in a highly intelligent and musical manner, all patch dependent — manipulating the sound in subtle or radical ways appropriate to that particular patch.
If the user doesn’t like what the Orb has created, a complete new set of manipulations can be chosen by simply rolling the “Dice” button, which instantly creates a brand new group of intelligent sonic modifications and effects to try. There’s no limit to how many serendipitous sonic variations the Orb can create – opening up the vast power of the STEAM engine to every user, regardless of synthesis knowledge.
The tactile experience of moving the cursor around the Orb space on the iPad with a finger to create variations in the sound is remarkably musical. Where standard controllers might change one or two simple parameters in a linear manner, the Orb morphs a host of parameters that are patch specific, and easily changed on-the-fly.
The Inertia slider of the Orb allows the user to create a ‘movement trail’ after letting go of the Orb, just like a ball might roll and bounce off the walls of a circular enclosure, adding a musical symmetry to the “performance” of an Orb interaction.
Users can also record their performance movements directly into the Orb and play the performance back in sync with their controller or host. The Orb’s movements and sonic results are saved within the patch, multi or the host’s session for later recall. The movement of the Orb can also be automated in the user’s host.

Controls Page

ControlsThe Controls page features a touch-based pitch ribbon performance controller and 8 touch sliders assigned to groups of the most useful performance/editing parameters for each Omnisphere layer.

Jumbo View

JumboThe Jumbo page shows large patch names on all 8 parts, easily seen in a live stage performance situation.

Omni TR is compatible with Mac and Windows systems running Omnisphere v1.5 or higher and is available now, FREE at the App Store
For more information, read the online Reference Guide for Omni TR



"The most talked about software synth in recent memory lives up to the hype…There’s now a true desert-island virtual synth, and its name is Omnisphere."
-Recording Magazine
"One of the most inspiring virtual synths we’ve ever used… not only provides you with some of the best sounds in the business, but offers cutting-edge synthesis tools to create your own."
-Music Tech
"It’s not only the wealth of sounds in Omnisphere; You’re struck by the fact that you hear magic sound after magic sound."
-Jordan Rudess
"I can’t say enough good things about Omnisphere! I’d have to say that discovering it has been one of my greatest pleasures."
-Danny Elfman
"If you can imagine it, you can do it. That’s what Omnisphere is about. It gives power to imaginative people."
-George Shaw


Omni TR iPad app
Omnisphere Tutorial Videos


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