Steinberg al Musik Messe e Cubase 6.5

Approfittiamo di questo post per annunciare la nuova release di Cubase 6.5.

Le nuove versioni 6.5 aggiungono synths sorprendenti, effeti creativi, funzioni di alta qualità e nuovi formati alla tua DAW preferita – ad un prezzo irresistibile.
Se effettuerai l’update sia da Cubase 6, sia da Cubase Artist 6, otterrai due nuovi entusiasmanti VST (PadShop e Retrologue), un workflow migliorato per il take-comping, un sistema AudioWarp ottimizzato, gli effetti DJ-EQ e MorphFilter, oltre a nuovi effetti stomp box e presets per VST Amp Rack 1.5. Record, la possibilità di importare/esportare files audio con il codec FLAC senza perdita di compressione, utilizzare ReWire in contesti 64-bit ed accedere a SoundCloud direttamente da Cubase.
Se hai acquistato recentemente Cubase 6 o Cubase Artist 6, potresti avere diritto al nostro Grace Period Update. Viceversa, continua a leggere e potrai fare l’update dalla tua versione alla v. 6.5 subito.

New synths on the block

Phat, phresh and phunky

Ideal for creating fat and funky lead and bass sounds, Retrologue offers those old-school analog synth sounds and biting sonic blocks that will enrich every modern music production substantially. At the heart of this cutting instrument are two carefully modeled oscillators each with up to eight detunable voices alongside an earth-shattering sub and noise oscillator. Packed into a straightforward interface, Retrologue brings back the sound of analog circuitries and vintage warmth. Retrologues extensive preset library features 300 presets and comes with timeless and modern synthesizer sounds — from heavy weight monophonic basses and razor-sharp leads to driving grooves and polyphonic stabs. Grab your keyboard and start creating memorable hooks!

  • Classic virtual analog synthesizer with 300 quality presets
  • Two oscillators with up to eight detunable voices each plus a sub and noise oscillator
  • 12 different filter types
  • LFO and ADSR for filters and amp envelopes
  • 10 stage Modulation Matrix with Note Expression support
  • Mono and poly modes with legato and glide
  • FX section with modulation and delay

    Out-of-this-world atmospheres

    Out-of-this-world atmospheres Padshop introduces a new way of granular sound design. Get yourself ready for out-of-this-world atmospheres, far-out effects and a user interface that’s a breeze to work with. Padshops features two independent layers that are based on an individual oscillator source and generate up to eight different grain streams. The edit section gives you access to parameters that really matter, including the high-quality low, high and band-pass as well as band-rejection filters with an integrated distortion unit. Two envelopes, two LFOs and the Step Modulator can be used to modulate a large number of target parameters. And with the built-in modulation and delay effects you can drive the pace for high tension atmospheres. Padshop is armed with over 400 presets that showcase the kaleidoscope-like nature of this extraordinary synth. Expect the unexpected and take your sound to spectacular new heights — Padshop is the go-to solution for breathtaking pads, driving structures and far-out effects.

    • Advanced granular synthesis engine
    • Includes 400 carefully crafted presets
    • SoftGrain Wave ROM for custom sounds
    • 10 stage Modulation Matrix with Note Expression support
    • 12 different filter types, LFOs and ADSR for filters and amp
    • Step Modulator for rhythmic triggering of oscillators
    • FX section with modulation and delay

    Find out more on Padshop

    Supersonic sidekicks

    Filling the floors

    This one goes out to all the dance floor addicts! DJ-EQ is your new filter of choice when it comes to recreating the DJ’s favorite performance effect. Bright as a disco ball and sharp as a laser, this three-band equalizer boasts three kill switches to create cutting breaks and unexpected twists! Best of all, you can access the bands via Cubase’s Quick Controls or automate the parameters in your project. Simple to use, yet strong in impact, DJ-EQ brings the dance floor atmosphere right into your studio.

    Create your own blend

    Filtering is an art of its own and we just cultivated it: the new MorphFilter effect gives you the superior filter types of HALion 4. Equipped with a bunch of classic low, high and band-pass resonant filters, MorphFilter allows you to blend seamlessly between two different selectable filter types. Shape your tracks with great-sounding sweeps and dynamic glides. And keep in mind that all parameters can be accessed via the Quick Controls and automated within your project.

    • Simple yet powerful 3-band equalizer
    • Kill switches for cutting breaks
    • Strong in impact!

    • Classic filter types of Steinberg’s HALion 4 sound creation system
    • Blend seamlessly between two filter curves
    • Great for creating sweeps and dynamic glides

    More insane tones for your guitar

    The comprehensive collection of VST Amp Rack guitar tone flavors has been expanded with brand-new classic and signature presets crafted by world-class guitarists from bands the likes of Meshuggah, Emperor and Accept. And with the two new stomp box effects, Maximizer and Limiter, your guitar sound is guaranteed to cut through the mix — bold in style and distinctive in character. Period. What’s more, the big input and output level meters allow you to achieve that singing sustain your guitar deserves. In sum, VST Amp Rack is the ultimate set of tools for authentic guitar recording right out of the box!

    • High-quality virtual guitar tone suite featuring the latest in convolution technology
    • 50 new signature and classic presets
    • New maximizer and limiter stomp boxes for fatter tones
    • New input and output level meters for easy signal setup

    I really love what you’ve done in VST Amp Rack. Great and easy!
    — Fredrik Thordendal, Meshuggah

    The amps in VST Amp Rack are well chosen. I really like their directness and also being able to create great sounds in just a few clicks.
    — Rodrigo González, Die Ärzte

    Counting on VST Amp Rack: Sweden’s metal icons Meshuggah

    One step closer to perfection

    Comp as you are

    Cubase’s already impressive lane comping system just got better! Tailored closely to the requests of our professional users, we optimized the comping workflow by introducing a dedicated Comp tool with handy click-and-drag features for immediate results. Thanks to smart new algorithms under the hood, assembling the perfect take has never been easier. With a single mouse click new tracks can be created from each lane automatically. And if you prefer working with overlapping events, you will be happy to know that Cubase 6.5 introduces just that, plus a cleanup lanes function allowing you to edit your tracks faster and more precise than ever before.

    • Comp tool with handy click-and-drag features
    • Cleanup-lanes command to resolve event overlaps
    • Create-tracks-from-lanes function to convert each lane into a new audio track
    • Seperated track and lane solo function
    • Developed in close collaboration with studio engineers for best results

    The enhanced audio quantization is brilliant and saves a lot of time and effort. I heavily use the new functions in my current production.
    — Norman Kolodziej, Bratze/Der Tante Renate

    Warp this way

    Cubase 6.5 fuses the hitpoint and AudioWarp system and embeds warp quantizing directly into the dedicated Quantize panel. By creating warp markers straight from hitpoints, both single audio loops as well as the entire arrangement can be non-destructively quantized with a single mouse click — just like MIDI parts! Thanks to the smooth integration into the Quantize panel, it’s also possible to warp-quantize multiple tracks instead of slice-quantizing. Based on transient priorities between tracks and the newly introduced warp rules, a common set of warp markers is created and then used to quantize all tracks of an Edit Group* at once. Also possible is sampling a groove pattern from your own MIDI parts and applying it straight to a host of audio events! And because the Audio Events are warped instead of sliced, they automatically follow any tempo or pitch changes of your project while remaining unclutterd for easy arrangements. It’s never been easier to lock those grooves together!

    • Fusion of hitpoint and AudioWarp system
    • AudioWarp quantize integrated into Quantize panel
    • Create warp markers from hitpoints automatically
    • Warp Marker rules support transient priorities for multi-track quantizing of Edit Groups*
    • Non-destructively quantize single audio loops or the entire arrangement just like MIDI!

    Intercommunication 2.0

    Connect to the cloud

    Upload sounds and mixes directly from Cubase to your SoundCloud account, and share your songs and sounds with the world. The dedicated Upload Manager takes care of everything, all you’ve got to do is enter your log-in details. And if you haven’t registered yet with SoundCloud, not to worry, signing up takes next to no time. Share your sounds with the cloud, bask in the spotlight!

    Visit Steinberg on SoundCloud

    Size does matter

    That’s why Cubase 6.5 includes the lossless FLAC audio compression codec. Import and export FLAC files effortlessly, and save up to 60% disk space when recording audio tracks in real time. The FLAC format is best suited for files and projects exchanged via the internet without quality loss. Eight different compression levels shrink your files while the sound quality remains intact at all times! Its seamless integration with most major audio applications allows you to use FLAC files just like you know it from other audio formats, such as WAV, AIFF and PCM.

    ReWire 64-bit support

    Hook up to your favorite ReWire software and flip the switch to 64 bits. Cubase 6.5 now connects ReWire client applications in a pure 64-bit environment under Windows and Mac OS X. Expand the limits of your creativity by implementing third-party applications. Up to 256 audio and thousands of MIDI channels can be streamed from your ReWire application to Cubase in real time — always staying in perfect sync!

    Ni hao ma?

    How are you? Cubase 6.5 is the first Cubase version to provide the entire user interface in simplified Chinese. We welcome our Chinese-speaking friends from around the world to the evergrowing Cubase community. Over one billion people on this planet speak Chinese — this is reason enough to localize the world’s most popular music production system and make it even more popular!


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