News da Toontrack


Since the release of Superior Drummer 2.0 in June of 2008 we have worked on releases that have strengthened both the EZ and Superior product lines. The Funkmasters and Jazz EZXs, the first SDX for Superior Drummer 2.0, New York Studios Vol 2 and the latest addition to the Toontrack Software Tools,Drumtracker, our stand alone sound replacement software for drums.
Before the end of June of 2009 we will release one more SDX for Superior Drummer 2.0. Without letting too much information slip I think that Back To The Roots would be the right expression to describe this upcoming SDX…
With these products we have come to a point where we’ve finally fulfilled our initial vision of being able to offer a product line that encompasses all the needs you might have in producing, writing and playing drums and percussion.
This does not mean that we’re done with developing our drum and percussion product line, on the contrary, updates and new products are in the pipeline. However, it does mean that we are expanding our vision of what Toontrack can develop. In the coming year we are unveiling and releasing products that will radically change the scope of what Toontrack is known for.
In this we will deliver software and content that is equal in quality and usability to the products we’ve developed in the past. We see ourselves as instrument makers, even though we don’t work with wood and metal, and we strive to build instruments that last.
In closing we want to thank you all for your loyalty, for letting us know when we’ve done something that won’t pass the quality seal of the Toontrack user community and, most importantly, for choosing our instruments to make your music, now and in the future.


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